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Grant Writing Success

Since it's inception, the ALT-FSIC has been directly awarded grants totalling over $650,000. These Grant projects have ranged from clearing and maintaining our 8-mile Perimeter Shaded Fuel Break (PSFB), Clearing of right-of-ways (Evacuation routes), Weed Abatement, Fuel Materials Reduction, free Neighbor-to-Neighbor curbside and cul-de-sac Chipping Service, and Training, Coordination and Management of our ALT Fire Risk Educators who perform our annual residential property inspections in compliance with Public Resources Code 4291.

A curbside chipping service to ALT residents has been provided since 2007 via governmental grants or ALT funds. The service is currently completed with help of our ALT Maintenance Crew. ALT resident volunteers have given valuable time in the past. Over the years the FSIC has also assisted the ALT General Manager and Board of Directors to seek additional Grant funds through other sources. On April 15, 2010 three different Grants of this kind were completed. Two Prop 40 Community Assistance Grants (CAG) totaling $125,000 were awarded directly to ALT - for extreme hazard fuel reduction work along our 8 mile PSFB. $50,000 of which was allotted for work on common lots adjacent to or on the PSFB; while $75,000 was for work on private lots in or adjacent to the PSFB. In 2013, a $96,000 Prop 40 CAG grant was received and completed to further reduce fuels on parcels along or near to the perimeter shaded fuel break. The El Dorado County and Georgetown Divide Resource Conservation District (RCD) managed all three grants.

At present the ALT FSIC is engaged in implementing a 2014/2015 $100,000 Cal Fire SRA Fire Prevention Fund project focused on our Perimeter Shaded Fuel Break and planning to implement a 2016/2017 U.S. Forest Service grant award of $130,250. We continue to pursue local, state, and federal grant opportunities to reduce risks in our Wildland-Urban Interface zone and improve the American River Canyon watershed and forest habitat.

The complete ALT FSIC grant award history can be found at this link.


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