The Problem and The Emphasis

Over the past several decades, more and more people have moved into the forest and wildland environment to escape the frenetic life style so prevalent in the inner cities. They are drawn to the beauty and rural resources of the Sierra Foothills with its abundant natural resources and rural atmosphere. It is indeed a beautiful place to live.fsic

Unfortunately many people who have bought or built homes in this environment have little or no knowledge of what it means to live with the threat of catastrophic wildfires.cohen In addition, far too many of our homes were built back when fire resistant materials were not even in existence.

El Dorado County is situated almost entirely within Sierra Nevada mixed conifer forest, oak woodlands and heavy chaparral vegetation types that have built up over 8 to 10 decades. The county comprises 1,805 square miles with over half in National Forests and recreation areas such as the Auburn State Recreational Area with over 900,000 visitors in the American River Canyon each year. As many of you know, "the Canyon", as we call it, is one of the most likely origins of a catastrophic fire, which could destroy ALT in a few hours.

State wide over the past several years, millions of acres of national and private forest land, thousands of homes, and many lives have been lost due to catastrophic wildfires. In a Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) such as ours wildfires are a fact of life. The revised saying is true, "It isn't IF a wildfire will burn inside ALT, but WHEN."

Education and community outreach will continue to be the top priority for the ALT FSIC. We will continue doing our best to make the residents of ALT aware of the risks of living within a WUI and assisting in what they can do to protect their homes and properties from wildfire.  It is our unrelenting goal to make residents aware of their responsibilities for their property and to their community. Creating and continuously maintaining 100 feet of defensible space around homes and other buildings is the responsibility of each and every ALT resident.

Because wildfire recognizes no property lines or boundaries it is essential that we realize we work together with our neighbors and all agencies to protect ourselves and our investments.

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